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Art Services...

We will soon offer specific artworks on a webstore page we will provide.

Sarah is open to and has completed successful commissions for paintings and drawings of the following subjects:

  • portraits

  • pets

  • landscapes

...and has done custom artwork on skateboards, helmets, tire covers and furniture.

There is not a set price list for any of these items as they each require various amounts of design, time, and materials. Feel free to contact us for a quote on our "contact us" page.

Here are a few examples:

Portrait Commission

This was a commission done from a deteriorating photocard from the early 1900's. This is an image of the customer's late father working at a local fair. He gave this as a gift to his mother. This was done in black and white charcoal on toned paper.

Pet Commission

This is a portrait of a customer's Chows, Cheif and Tiki on a large RV tire cover. The customer liked this so much that they never put it back on the RV. This was done in acrylic paint.

Retirement Gift

This was not a commission, but a retirement gift for my building principal. He encouraged the staff to wear Converse Chuck Taylors on paydays. The "G" is for the school's name, Guilderland, whose colors are red and white. Missing from this picture is the beautiful wooden frame my husband produced to complete this piece. This was done in color pencil and watercolor on watercolor paper.

Please check out our Gallery page under the category "Sarah" for more examples of Sarah's artwork. 

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